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Turns of Fortune

November 2, 2011

This is an anecdote in a similar vein to a post I wrote called “Turns of Fortune” on an earlier blog.  It is a story of misfortunes and how they can work out.

Misfortune # 1: I’m chilling in my RV one recent night on the SDSU campus, blazing a doob and minding my own business.  It’s approximately 1:30 AM.  Suddenly I hear a loud crash.  I freeze, waiting to see what will happen next.  Nothing.  A rock the size of a fist has just smashed my windshield.  Looking through my windows, I spot the person who threw it beginning to disappear in the distance down the sidewalk.  Momentarily, I am faced with a decision with a short window of opportunity.  I decide to relax, stay where I am, and just think about calling the insurance company in the morning.  I have no regrets about this later, but it’s still a bummer.

Misfortune # 2: It’s a few days later and I still haven’t gotten my windshield fixed yet.  I pull up to an RV dump station to empty my tank and wait for the guy in front of me to finish.  While I am waiting he walks up to my window and asks if overnight parking is allowed in the adjacent lots.  I say I don’t know because I don’t stay in the area.  Then I ask if I can borrow his water hose, since I don’t have one.  He says yes.  He eventually pulls out of the space and I pull up.  Get out and close my door.  Empty my tank.  Realize that my door has locked itself behind me (it tends to do that), separating me from my keys and my cell phone.  The sun is down and the temperature is dropping.  My options are slim.  Panic, or at least an equilibrium-wrecking and stress-causing bout of anxiety and frustration is just around the corner.

So I ask the guy who was in front of me if he’s any good with locks.  It turns out he is, sort of.  About an hour and a half and one mangled coat hanger later, he manages to get one of my doors open without breaking anything.  It is a valiant effort on his part and an admirable act of selfless service.  At the very least an obligatory smoking out is in order, which offer is graciously accepted.  We step into my RV and light a candle.  Almost right away he decides he likes the layout better than his, and remarks offhandedly that he almost wants to trade.  I respond with “Well…”, using a pitch and tone that indicates potentiality.

While I am rolling our celebratory blunt, he summons his girlfriend (who has long since retired while waiting for us to solve my key problem), and I am able to confirm my initial suspicion: she is very nice to look at.    She says she likes my bed, and I tell her she can try it out.  She climbs in.  She still likes it.  This makes me happy.

Coincidentally, she is a tattoo artist, and happens to work at the same shop where I got my hand worked on.  I reveal that I want to do some more work on my hand, and she reveals that she makes house calls.

My RV has some mechanical problems, but it has a spacious layout and a bed over the cab.  Theirs is the same size but ten years newer, has less than half as many miles, and mechanically sound.  It is cramped for two people, however, and my newfound friends (Jack and Cristi, as it turns out) like the layout of mine a lot better.  Also, I am not a mechanic, but Jack is, and confesses that he is probably “the only weirdo who would enjoy this project”.    Jack is very enthusiastic about the prospect of a trade, and the idea of having a mechanically sound vehicle is very tempting to me, especially after Jack gets to tinkering and pulls my engine cover off to show me that my carburetor (which I recently paid a mechanic $1200 to fix), is leaking fuel, an extremely hazardous situation.  “But, if you trade”, he says, “none of that will be your problem”, a compelling proposition indeed.

Next he gives me his hot girlfriend’s phone number (since they live together and share a phone).  The universe obviously has multiple blessings in store for me this night.

I swear all of this actually happened.  I know I wasn’t dreaming because a couple of days later we got together and actually made the trade.  So now I have a new RV, and hopefully soon I will have some new tattoos as well.


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