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Whose Role Model are You?

November 10, 2011

Hopefully there is an answer to this question.  When we are aware that others are looking up to us, inspired by us, learning from our example, we tend to hold closely to our highest personal standards.  This is super-accountability in action.

Hint: role-modeling is about transmitting values, not specific actions or beliefs.  You may be learning a specific set of skills from someone, but that person isn’t your role model unless you actually aspire to embody their values in some way.  Likewise, it’s not what you teach that makes you a role model, but rather what others learn from observing you.

If you are not a role model for anyone, why not?  Is it because your standards are not worth modeling?  Because your values are not clear?  Because you aren’t connecting with those you can help on a regular basis?  Because your life story up until now hasn’t been inspiring enough for anyone to take notice?  These can all be useful as guiding questions (but not as self-judgments).

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