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Denton on the Singularity

February 25, 2012

Excerpted from The Pinnacle of Life: Consciousness and Self-Awareness in Humans and Animals by Derek Denton:

Animals appear to have perceptive awareness at a level that permits images of the outside world and a plan.  The mirror experiments with apes tell us of the eventual dawning of self-awareness, but it is an enormous gap between a chimp examining a red spot in its brow and the zenith of human introspection reflected in poetry, drama, and philosophy.  If brain evolution has crossed this gap in five million years, one may indeed wonder what may develop in the next million if Homo sapiens sapiens survives.  In any case it has to be contemplated that if ever physiological science gave us a methodology to follow exactly what the brain of a fellow human being was thinking as it was happening, it seems pretty certain that human society would not survive it.”

[I don’t think Denton set out to be a Singularity thinker, but that seems to be where he has arrived.]

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