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Don’t Tell me There’s Work

February 29, 2012

Don’t tell me there’s work to do. Tell me there’s a challenge to meet. Tell me there’s an opportunity to pursue. Invite me to engage in constructive play. But when I hear there’s work to do my whole brain shuts down.

We don’t need to “work” to be productive. Play is natural behavior that can be intense, focused, goal-oriented, constructive, and enjoyable.

Let’s get to play!

  1. Playing is good but if there is work to be done I dont want people to play semantic games with me, I want them to be honest and tell me there is work to be done. Some things are called work for a reason, but work is not the bugaboo that you make it out to be. Work is a beautiful thing. Once you become one with your work and cease to even be thinking about it, you reach another level. I think you have just been predisposed to see work as being bad for some reason. Let go of that predisposition and give it another chance. I know that you are someone who is disciplined in certain aspects of your life, so I found it weird that you would say such things about the word “work”. Just my opinion, its all love from me though bro.

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