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Arguing With Yourself

March 8, 2012

What are some of your common internal arguments?  When you think of something you’d like to do or say, what are the anticipated responses, objections, and rejections that come up?  It is highly useful to observe these internal confrontations, and ask yourself questions such as the following:

-When are they serving you? (When they provide useful practice for creating positive responses, and when you feel good about the outcome.)

-When are they unnecessary? (Any other time.)

-How much do they reflect reality and how much do they reflect your fears? (Notice the distinction.)

-When are they limiting your perceived options or causing you to reject your own ideas? (Probably more often than you realize.)

Just observing is the level 1 exercise.  When you are ready for level 2, try consciously changing the imagined negative responses to positive responses.  Notice the difference in how you feel when you do this, and if possible notice the difference in the results of your interactions.

Stopping your internal dialogue is futile, but directing it is essential.

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