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McKenna on Human Potential

March 28, 2012

Excerpted from Spiritual Warfare, by Jed McKenna:

I’m saying it’s all a miracle.  We’re not innocent bystanders or helpless victims; we are members of the universe, shapers of our dreamstate reality.  The transition to Human Adulthood is our birth into this reality.  It’s not just the next stage of what we are now, it’s a whole different relationship to our surroundings, our environment, our universe; a truly integrated, cocreative relationship.  We do ourselves a terrible disservice by trying to be positive and upbeat and cheerful about our circumstances.  What we are now, as we understand ourselves to be, even by the most optimistic reckoning, bears no resemblance to what we really are.  This whole thing is really much cooler than anyone has imagined.  Compared to our potential, we’re still just little monkeys, and nasty little monkeys at that.

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