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Kessel on Relationships

April 2, 2012

Excerpted from It’s Not About the Money, by Brent Kessel:

Our Core Story also has a significant effect on our relationships, because so often we are merely relating unconscious-to-unconscious. We attract romantic partners who play their part in helping us create the life our unconscious Core Story is most comfortable with. But it is our own Core Story, not the actions of others, that creates this life and its attendant suffering.

…In this way, people perpetuate the idea that the solution to their problems lies outside of themselves-in this case, with their partner or spouse. This, of course, only complicates the dynamics of a relationship. Even though we might unconsciously seek out our opposite, we then spend a huge amount of energy consciously resisting and fighting with our partner, when the real change we seek is within ourselves.

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