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Dane Dormio’s Ultimate Personal Growth Reading List

April 6, 2012

Are you consciously directing your growth into the person you want to become, or are you just maintaining?  For those (like me) who are in the former category, the following books are recommended.  These books are selected from among thousands of books I have read in my life for maximum transformative impact.  No matter where you are in your personal development, all of these books, if you have not read them yet, are guaranteed to radically expand your potential.

Power with People — Gregory Lester

  • Deeply insightful about the nature of the human condition, this book will help you understand how people work, including yourself, with pristine clarity.

The 4-Hour Workweek — Timothy Ferris

  • The iconic book on lifestyle design that marks the dawning of the era of the New Rich.

Getting Things Done — David Allen

  • The essential work on personal organization and mental clarity.  As timeless as Euclid’s Elements, and likely to be just as enduring.

The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are — Alan Watts

  • One of the most penetrating books by one of the most enlightened philosophers of our time, this book is sure to put your existential angst and personal spiritual crises to rest.

Secrets of the Millionaire MindT. Harv Eker

  • The most concise, poignant, and important book ever written about your personal relationship with money.

Sales Dogs — Blair Singer

  • A book that can make anyone come to terms with, appreciate, and even embrace their neglected inner salesperson.

Anything by Anthony Robbins

Anything by Wayne Dyer

Anything by Richard Bandler

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