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A Few Controversial Opinions

April 13, 2012

Circumcision is genital mutilation.  Routine male infant circumcision is a human rights abuse.

9/11 was an inside job.

Washington is just another brand of Hollywood.  Hollywood is just another brand of Washington.

Voting is a waste of time.

Jesus was not a real person.

Children should be allowed to enjoy sexual exploration and experimentation.  (For that matter, so should adults.)

Children and parents should communicate openly about their sexuality.

School is unnecessary.

Monogamy is usually a refuge from sexual insecurity.

The nuclear family is inherently dysfunctional.

The automobile industry is the biggest failure of imagination in human history.

The vast majority of illness is psychosomatic.

The universe is alive, aware, and intelligent.

All beliefs are false.

The homeless population should be supported by infrastructure and policy improvements, rather than persecuted and marginalized.

Higher education is a gyp.

Soldiers do not serve the country because war does not serve the country.

  1. olboyfloats permalink

    I agree with just about all of this. I miss you, Dane!

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