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Bandler on Potential

April 22, 2012

Excerpted from Using Your Brain for a Change, by Richard Bandler:

There is so much more inside our minds than we suspect. There is so much more outside than we are capable of being curious about. It’s only that growing sense of curiosity that allows you to capture the enthusiasm that makes even the most mundane, or the most fascinating task worthwhile, fun, and intriguing. Without that, life is nothing more than waiting in line. You can master the art of tapping your foot while you wait in line, or you can do much more. And I have a surprise for you. I’ve found out that the after-life begins with a long wait in lite. You’d better have some fun now, because those who enjoy themselves and do things that are worth doing with a great sense of curiosity get to stand in a shorter line than those who have only developed the ability to wait in line.

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