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Dychtwald on Love

May 22, 2012

Excerpted from Bodymind, by Ken Dychtwald:

The ability to breathe prana fully and to maintain a relaxed and vital expression of love in the heart is dependent on the condition and nature of the entire bodymind. Just as the sexual experience involves the entire bodymind, being dependent as much on feelings of love and grounding as it is on sexual contact, the feeling and expression of love and life are also full bodymind experiences. As a light-house depends on its foundation and support for elevation and focus, so does the chest depend on the legs, the pelvis, and the abdomen for their combined qualities of grounding, self-expression, flowing emotions, and power. The lighthouse depends on its motors and gears for direction and drive; the heart relies on the mind and the senses for focus and interpersonal connection.

Love, then, is the natural feeling of aliveness that an individual feels at those rare moments when all aspects of life are in harmony within him. Instead of seeing love as something that does not naturally exist and needs to be created, try to imagine that love is simply, yet profoundly, the unrestricted experience of life. Its existence is continuous, but we experience it only to the degree that we have allowed our bodyminds to be open, integrated, and balanced. Within this perspective, love is not a place to go, but rather it is a place that is here all the time, waiting to be continually rediscovered by each of us.

As a result, it would seem that the person who is most capable of being truly loving in an honest and open fashion would be the one whose bodymind is the most free of internal turmoil and conflict.


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