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My Social Agenda

May 29, 2012

We all have our social agenda, the things we’d like to see more of in society — anybody who thinks they don’t is just unconscious about it.  These are some of the things I want to promote (raise awareness about) and why:

Polyamory/open relationships — Polyamourous people are now where gay people were twenty years ago.  Public awareness, understanding, and acceptance of polyamory as a legitimate lifestyle choice are low.

End circumcision — The routine genital mutilation of infant boys is an atrocity, a human rights abuse, and medically bogus.

Financial freedom — For each individual and for the whole species.  This is the path to every type of freedom: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Resource based economy — This is the most promising post-civilization model yet visualized.

Qigong/yoga/restorative exercise — Through exercises such as these people can heal themselves and enhance every aspect of their quality of life.

Voluntary sterility/adoption — Having kids isn’t for everybody, and unwanted kids are like stray cats and dogs: crammed into government housing, passed from home to home, or simply left out on the street.  Those of us who are willing should overcome the biological imperative to reproduce and provide homes to children who need them.

Natural childbirth — The factory birthing process practiced in hospitals leaves lasting traumas.  People grow naturally, like all other plants and animals, they aren’t manufactured.

Homeschooling/independent education — This is key to lifestyle  freedom.  Education should be like a buffet, not like a cafeteria.

Microlending — A means of equalizing the wealth gap that is profitable to both parties.

Open source software — Generally superior, always free.  Precursor of open source everything.

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