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Heinlein on God

September 10, 2012

Excerpted from Stranger in a Strange Land, by Robert Heinlein:

“God wants us to be Happy. He filled the world with things to make us Happy if only we see the light. Would God let grape juice turn into wine if He didn’t want us to drink and be joyful? He could just as easily let it stay grape juice…or turn it straight into vinegar that nobody could get a happy giggle out of. Ain’t that true? Of course He don’t mean you should get roaring drunk and beat your wife and neglect your kids…but He gave us good things to use, not to abuse…and not to ignore. But if you feel like a drink or six, among friends who have seen the light, too, and it makes you want to jump up and dance and give thanks to the Lord on high for his goodness–why not? God made alcohol and he made feet–and he made ’em so you could put ’em together and be happy!

All right! God wants us to be Happy and he told us how: ‘Love one another!’ Love a snake if the poor thing needs love. Love thy neighbor if he’s seen the light and has love in his heart…And by ‘love’ he didn’t mean namby-pamby old-maid-aunt love that’s scared to look up from a hymn book for fear of seeing a temptation of the flesh. If God hated flesh, why did He make so much of it? God is no sissy. He made the Grand Canyon and comets coursing through the sky and cyclones and stallions and earthquakes–can a God who can do all that turn around and practically wet his pants just because some little sheila leans over a mite and a man catches sight of a tit? You know better, hon–and so do I! When God told us to love, He wasn’t holding out a card on us; He meant it. Love little babies that always need changing and love strong, smelly men so that there will be more little babies to love-and in between go on loving because it’s so good to love!”

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