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What I Have Learned From Johnny Soporno

November 1, 2012

More of Johnny’s teachings can be found at the Worthy Playboy Institute.

Life is a game. The purpose of the game is to decide which rules apply to you, and follow them. If you are happy, you’re winning.

Your self esteem corresponds to your expectations of yourself. Your self confidence corresponds to what you have observed to be true about yourself. When these are lofty, realistic, and mutually congruent, the result is self satisfaction, the state known as “having arrived”.

Combine self satisfaction with happiness, and you get success, a state which is completely self-determined and requires no external references.

The concise, short-hand version is below:

The Game of Life: Decide which rules apply to you, follow them — If you are happy, you’re winning!

Self Esteem <–> Expectations

Self Confidence <–> Demonstrated

Lofty + Realistic + Matching = Self Satisfaction = Having Arrived

Self Satisfaction + Happiness = Success <– No external references!

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