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When “Maybe” Means “No”

November 2, 2012

Sometimes “maybe” really means “no”, and it is helpful to recognize this in ourselves and others.

If you are saying “maybe”, is it really because you are trying to avoid something, like disappointment, commitment, or involvement?  Could it be worth taking a few moments to feel into the question, give it some thought, clarify for yourself what the deciding factor is?

If you are hearing “maybe”, is the feeling underneath it one of possibility and openness or avoidance?  Might you be better off asking for clarification, or just taking it as a “no”?

You will do yourself and the world a favor by saying “no” when you mean “no”, “yes” when you mean “yes”, and saving your “maybe’s” for those times when more information really is required to answer.  Build the habit of making decisions; change them as necessary, but make them.  This is the power of decisiveness.

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