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The Heartspace Hotel

November 27, 2012

Each person’s heart is a hotel with many rooms. This hotel is constantly under construction, always being renovated, and continually expanding. Its capacity is infinite. It has a room for every human being who has ever lived or who ever will.

Life is a process of exploring and furnishing these rooms. The rooms you have explored represent the people you have heard of or met. The contents of each room are your accumulated thoughts, feelings, and perceptions about that person. Depending on how you furnish each room, it will feel to varying degrees comfortable, uncomfortable, or neutral to spend time there.

Everyone who has ever heard of or met you has their own room for you, which they furnish with their own thoughts, feelings, and perceptions of you.

You can spend a lot, little, or no time in each room, according to your preference. Some rooms may be cozy nests that feel like a second home. Others may be painful places that feel like torture chambers. Some may be barren and sterile. Others may be dark, cobwebby, sealed off and condemned indefinitely.

Surrounding the center are the rooms of the people with whom you have the closest bonds, the rooms where you spend the most time. No number of adoring but distant fans and admirers can supersede the quality of these rooms.

In the very center is your own room. You can spend as much time there as you like, but it is a room of mirrors, constructed from the reflections of the accumulated contents of all the other rooms.


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One Comment
  1. Arlene Dormio permalink

    A nice way to visualize our interactions with each other. Thanks. Love you.

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