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Shah On Prejudice

January 4, 2013

Excerpted from The Commanding Self, by Idries Shah:

Now, it is always difficult to deal with prejudices which provide people with advantages – such as not having to think.  It is equally difficult to satisfy people who inwardly but not admittedly fear that they might be revealed as shallow; or who fear that the consequences of admitting something unfamiliar might ‘change’ them.  It is difficult – it is not, however, impossible.

If it were impossible, the human race would have died out through lack of adaptive capacity.  It is true, though, that those who cannot or will not adapt to constructive but unfamiliar information are members of the segment of humanity which does, in the cultural sense, die out.  Those individuals, schools of thought, and societies which have not adapted to ‘now’ (that is, unfamiliar) information and environmental changes have died out.

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