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Wilde On The Prevalence Of Scarcity

February 28, 2013

Excerpted from The Trick to Money Is Having Some, by Stuart Wilde:

If you were to interview people in the street, you would not find one in a hundred who would tell you that he enjoyed a surplus, an overbrimming joy in the lushness of things.  Each would describe his financial limitation and insecurities by reflecting on his lack or by highlighting the lack he perceived in others.  You would hear of the Ethiopians, the dole lines, the unemployed.  You have to listen to stories of rising prices and economic uncertainty.  You would hear the ego/personality bemoaning its lack of certainty, the absence of guarantees, the frailty of human life.  Then you would understand why the world is so troubled by finances and why most never achieve a level of financial security that satisfies them.

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