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Wilde On Karma

March 2, 2013

Excerpted from The Trick to Money Is Having Some, by Stuart Wilde:

Imagine it like this – imagine that someone tied a piece of string to your leg when you were born and that the string was endless.  As you traveled about and lived your life, the string wound itself around all the situations you encountered, tangling and knotting itself as you went about.  To become free, you’ll have to first untie the string from your leg, which means that you have to cast yourself into a void where you exist in a perpetual state of “not knowing”, where you exist just with yourself.  Then you are obliged to follow the string back carefully, untying it from all the things around which it has become entangled.

At first, this seems to be an impossible task, for perhaps the string has been winding up your life for 30 or 40 years.  But as you travel back, you are delighted to find that every so often, by unraveling the string from one snare or obstacle, you unravel it from all the similar situations there have ever been.  Large chunks of the string become free and loose instantly.

This is the story of our lives.  We spend years tying ourselves into knots, and then one day we either realize that we have had enough and set ourselves free, or we never do realize it.  The string becomes a friend, and we die trapped like a fish in a net.

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