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Wilde On Inner Strength

March 4, 2013

Excerpted from The Trick to Money Is Having Some, by Stuart Wilde:

Perhaps all you need is to prove to yourself that you have worth, that you are a good person, that you can contribute.  You don’t need a million for that.  You have only to begin to see value in the things that you do, and bingo, your emotional needs are met.  Focusing and granting value to your life and your actions is a prayer unto the sanctity of self.  The toil and effort involved in living has to become worthwhile, and unfortunately nothing can make it worthwhile until you grant that realization to yourself.

That is why I teach people to concentrate on themselves, not on others.  For you will never relax and become safe until you are strong, very strong.  All the money in the world cannot stabilize you spiritually or emotionally, nor can it really dampen your fear.  It just allows you to be terrified in a comfortable setting.  Nothing else.

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