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Wilde On Technological Expansion

March 5, 2013

Excerpted from The Trick to Money Is Having Some, by Stuart Wilde:

The technological boom is very interesting; it is in part the manifestation of the intellect trying for immortality, trying to hold on to its domination of the world’s destiny.  It’s the wold-ego saying, If we come up with more and more clever ideas, we will eventually live forever, and we will have an effortless utopia in which the mind and the ego can reign supreme.

The problem with this theory in metaphysical terms is that the more the mind dominates, the more the ego comes into play, and the further people depart from their true inner self.  So all the technological advances in the world mean nothing if people feel a spiritual void inside of them.  They start to act weird.  Life becomes more chaotic, and people’s morality goes out the window.  Bizarre sexual practices become normal.  Dog-eat-dog is the dictate.  We become less human and spiritual, and more and more robotic, controlled by the system.  Eventually, economic stability is rattled because the vapid world we create by the domination of the mind causes us fear.  When we are scared, we lash out.  We self-destruct.

What will happen through the millennium and beyond?  The inner mind, the collective spirit of mankind, desires to return to the yin, desires to discover itself and raise its energy.  The outer, intellectual mind and the elite forces that control the world insist on continuing to expand.  Thus, a void develops.  Inner reality that underpins the intellect is placed further and further away from events.  Eventually, the gap grows larger and larger, and the natural safety and spiritual support of the intellect is lost, for it now rests on a void, leaning further and further away from inner truth.  At that point, collapse is inevitable.

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