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Lemaire On Totality

April 7, 2013

Excerpted from The Body Talks…and I Can Hear It, by Jeanie Lemaire:

For the world to work fully for any one of us, it must work for everyone.  And furthermore, all of life deserves a happy ending.  Therefore, we, as Beings, have reached that critical point in our human development where ignorance is no longer an option, for we remember that we have sat on mountaintops.  We now know, in our heart of hearts, that the choice is ours – whether to give up our notion of being individual, lone ducks in the pond and to embrace our totality, as reflected in peace, happiness, and fulfillment – or not.  I personally believe that we, on this planet, have reached that point where enough Beings are ready to claim their Magnificence.  And when enough vibration and energy shifts its focus, the rest is destined to follow or dissolve itself.

Sadly though, and ironically, we are going to miss these days of struggle and upset. for as awful as life has seemed to be at times, it is this particular time on the planet Earth of which we will someday say, “We were there when perception shifted.”

We won’t have to read about it in the history books. We are the Living Examples of this change from a mode of determining the Self through outside forces to one of looking within and finding home. As wondrous as all of the technological advances we have witnessed so far, they dim considerably when placed in the light of an expanded awareness of totality.

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