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Security And Freedom

July 31, 2013

…make uneasy bedfellows.

If you value security over freedom you have most likely arranged your life to reflect that, in which case you probably have yourself strapped down to your little patch of ground in any number of ways, in which case that’s probably what you really want for yourself (or at least think you do). But perhaps you are truly freedom-oriented, and you really do want more freedom than you feel you have, but you feel strapped down just the same, seemingly out of necessity. If that is the case, you should stop telling yourself that what you want is impossible. The only limits to freedom are those that you place on your own imagination. That is the nature of freedom. It cannot be contained, only constrained. Constraints are real, but between them and around them there are infinitely many dimensions of freedom. So first, prioritize your values, then identify your constraints, and then exercise your freedom to choose.

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