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How To Spot A Real Man

August 1, 2013

Real Men Only Get Angry At Bad Guys

Anger has one purpose and one purpose only – to combat the threat of abuse. It is not a tool for dominance or coercion, or a fall-back plan when you don’t get your way. It is not for communicating that you have been hurt. It is not to be applied to your loved ones, to women and children, or to well-intentioned but misguided individuals. It is a fair warning to let bad guys know that they are about to cross the line.

Real Men Don’t Whine

Real men ask for what they want, or they take it if it is available, but they don’t beg or plead. If they don’t like something, they change it or they adapt to it, but they don’t whine or complain. Real men are proactive, not passive.

Real Men Don’t Make Excuses

If you are a real man, you either do something or you don’t do it, and you don’t rationalize things with statements like “I didn’t because…” or “I would have but…”. You give the real reason, or you keep it to yourself, but you don’t give false reasons.

Real Men Own Their Stuff

Real men own their feelings, and communicate about them clearly. They claim responsibility for their thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions. They maintain responsibility for getting their own needs met. They manage their expectations impeccably and eschew self deception above all else.

Real Men Do What They Want

Real men don’t seek permission or approval for their opinions or their actions, nor do they allow their will to become captive to external influence. They decide what they want to do, and they do it. Endorsement is superfluous.

Real Men Have A Mission

Real men have a purpose for their lives and align themselves with it. Their purpose informs their thoughts, actions, and decisions at all times. Everything they do goes towards realizing this purpose, and nothing detracts from it.

Real Men Answer To Themselves

Real men are clear about their values and congruent with their principles. They forego rules and authority in favor of self regulation.

Real Men Are Willing To Lead

A real man doesn’t insist on leading when others are fit for the task, but he doesn’t let fear stop him from leading if necessary. He makes decisions for himself and follows through on them, and takes responsibility for the well being of others. He also doesn’t hesitate to call out injustice when it appears.

Real Men Take Care Of Themselves

Real men follow their highest good. They manage themselves and their environment to maintain a healthy body, healthy mind, healthy emotions, and healthy relationships.

Real Men Improve Things

Real men don’t demand perfection, but they do seek continuous improvement; of themselves first and foremost, secondly of the world around them, and of other people if requested.

Real Men Like To Play

A real man is one with his inner child and is willing to learn anything. He thinks in terms of experience rather than mistakes.

Real Men Love Women

A real man loves women, not because they are better or worse, but because he appreciates and respects them for their unique strengths. They are to be empowered and enjoyed, not controlled or possessed.

Real Men Love Men

Real men don’t see other men as rivals, but as opportunities to learn and teach. Real men seek ways to cooperate rather than compete.

Real Men Love Children

Raising children does not define a real man, but loving them does. A real man supports and empowers any and all children with patience, praise, and affection. He respects them for their individuality, their intelligence, and their potential.

Real Men Head Boop With Kittens




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  1. YES, YES and YES! LOVE THIS Mr. Dormio. (& you.) Thanks. And, as I read it, I honor how interchangeable the two words – men & women – really are.

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