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A Few Things Wrong With Our Society

September 13, 2013

Note: not a comprehensive list.

  • We use rape as a de facto form of criminal punishment.
  • We use sexual fidelity as a de facto personal integrity litmus test for public officials.
  • We routinely practice male infant genital mutilation.
  • We subject children to an educational process that fails to serve its purpose and that most of them hate, and medicate them with antidepressants, antipsychotics, and stimulants when they predictably reject it.
  • We solved the problem of caloric deficiency and replaced it with the problem of nutritional deficiency. The single greatest health risk is now that you will have TOO MUCH to eat, rather than too little. It is cheaper and easier for most people in most places to find a Snickers bar and a Big Mac than a healthy meal or snack, and foods are marketed with a LACK of calories as their main selling point.
  • We use highly effective marketing to influence people to do things that aren’t good for them, and highly ineffective public service campaigns to undo the damage.
  • We use money to determine not only the allocation of luxuries but also access to the basic necessities of life.
  • We abuse and exploit animals well beyond any justifiable necessity.
  • We take finite resources out of the ground, turn them into stuff, and then put most of it into landfills.
  • The government takes money from people and businesses and spends most of it on interest payments and the military.
  • Displays of violence are considered entertaining, and displays of sexual love are considered obscene.

You might disagree with some of the things on this list. Instead of objecting, do your own brainstorming on the question of “What’s broken, and how can we fix it?”

  1. so true I guess the more we improvise on things the more we lack on basics at times

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