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The Many Forms Of Make-Wrong

September 19, 2013

Make-Wrong is anything that implies or insinuates, implicitly or explicitly, “I do not approve of something you are (were), do (did), or have (had).”

Make-wrong is implied more often than it is expressed, and conveyed nonverbally more often than verbally. It is always present in explicit and implicit insults, such as hypothetical questions (“Are you stupid?”). It is more often transmitted without conscious knowledge through tone, facial expression, gesture, and posture. However, it is always registered subconsciously.

Recognizing make-wrong means you can realize when it is being used by others, and keep from exuding it yourself. The common denominator of all make-wrong is blame. This is a thorough but perhaps not comprehensive list of the many forms it can take:

-Something bad that shouldn’t have happened but did is your fault.

-Something you believe is incorrect.

-You are stupid, ugly, weak, or otherwise physically or psychologically defective.

-You are insignificant/unimportant.

-You are associated with someone or something that displays any of the preceding faults.

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