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Emotional Wounds

October 10, 2013

Emotional wounds are simply unfulfilled needs. Our emotions drive us to fulfill our needs, and when we have a need that goes unfulfilled, even in a momentary situation, the emotional charge that drives it stays active, and on some level we go on needing that gap to be filled, perhaps long after the moment when we first needed it has passed. We go on wanting to say what we wish we had said, or wanting to hear what we wish we had heard. In this way we carry our unfulfilled needs around with us, and bring them into each new interaction. They color our experiences, like a filter that we lay over everything to determine its meaning. We unleash upon others feelings that are intended for someone in our past, and demand from them what was once denied to us.

But these needs are linked with the memory of a particular time, place, and person, and they can’t be satisfied by a new set of circumstances; you will remain thirsty, no matter how deeply you try to drink from this well. As long as you are burdened with a desire to change the past, you cannot fully create and express from a place of true choice in the present; this is what is meant by living in reaction. Your soul’s work is to heal these wounds, to discharge the psychic voltage that sustains them, and ultimately to dissociate from the situations that gave rise to them, by crystallizing the memories encapsulating them as inert records of the past, rather than as living experiences. The you that exists right now is different than the you that existed in the past, going back either years or seconds. In each moment, your consciousness is created anew, springing into and out of existence, to be replaced again and again, like virtual particles in the quantum foam.

Along with this knowledge comes the opportunity to see in each person the unfulfilled needs they are carrying with them, to bear witness to their scars and hold space for the new being they are becoming in each moment. With witnessing comes release, and the space for reemergence.

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