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The Womb Of The Universe

October 12, 2013

The event of birth doesn’t represent emergence from a womb into boundless space.  It represents emergence from one womb into another womb: the womb of the Universe.

Even after emerging from your mother, you are still surrounded by a living, breathing, life-giving matrix.  It has always met all of your needs, has it not?  Likewise, it always will.

You are nurtured, you are supported, you are sustained.  You have a mind and a will, and the freedom they entail, but this process is automatic.

You cannot be disconnected from the source of life.  Rather than a cord that can be cut, it is a pervasive, all-surrounding mist.  You could not escape from it if you tried.

Nameless, formless, it is the mother of all things.


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