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The Divine Right Of The Monied

November 1, 2013

The phrase “Divine Right Of Kings” came about in the seventeenth century, although the concept is at least as old as ancient Egypt: God, who rules humanity, puts the king in charge of the rest of us. It’s an idea that seems so obvious if you’re raised in that framework. After all, somebody’s got to be in charge, and who’s it supposed to be if not the king? And why is he the king, if not because God said so? Obvious, really.

It’s just as obvious today that you can’t decide who gets what, or who has to obey who, without money. After all, there’s not enough stuff for everybody, and somebody has to be in charge, right? And if it weren’t for money, why would people work? And if it weren’t for authority, why would people cooperate? So obviously we need money.


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