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An Asset Is Worth The Amount You Can Sell It For

November 28, 2013

Monetarily speaking, an asset is worth however much you can sell it for.

Of course there is value beyond monetary value, and there are assets other than financial assets.  Those are not what I am speaking of.

I am speaking of the kind of situation where a person tries to sell something they have, and rejects all of the offers because they are too low.  “It’s worth more than that”, they will say.

I am making the point that the monetary value of an asset is defined by the amount that someone is willing to pay for it.  You can’t say “It’s worth more than that” if nobody will actually pay more than that for it.  This is an empty statement.

In terms of exchange, the monetary value of an asset, commodity, luxury, good, service, or anything that might be sold isn’t defined by the seller, it’s defined by the buyer.

Therefore, if you expect to profit by selling something for more than it’s worth, you are either naive or criminal.

If you want to raise the value by changing the buyer’s perception, however, that’s a different story.


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