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What Is Karma?

December 2, 2013

The law of karma is the law of cause and effect.  F = ma, E = mc2, conservation of mass, energy, and momentum, protons, neutrons, and electrons bouncing around, these are all expressions of the law of karma.

Karma is amoral.  It has nothing to do with punishment, deservedness, or value judgments.  It has nothing to do with should or should not.  It has everything to do with cause and effect, action and reaction, decision and consequence.

Your karma is the accumulated effects of all the causes your choices have put in motion.  It builds up like a residue throughout your life, but these causes began long before you began and their effects last long after you end.  Every cause is the effect of an earlier cause, and each effect is the cause of later effects.  The karma of each event expands like a ripple throughout all space and time in a web of all-embracing, inclusive causality.  Every decision of every conscious being echoes throughout all creation, yet is itself merely an echo.


  1. So our every choice is a cause and therefore products several effects which in turn produce more causes and all that is irrelevant because all of our causes just mirror the effects and causes before us so…why do are choices even matter?
    Doesn’t human kind read about history to change the future? And despite our repeat of past choices, shouldnt we be evolved enough to make new ones? Many of us do like the others have done, but not all of us have to accept it. Just because it is expected does not mean we must conform.

  2. produces* not product

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