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Children And The Non-Aggression Principle

December 12, 2013

“The most fundamental violation of the non-aggression principle which we can control is our aggression against children. Spanking, for instance, which is still practiced by 80-90% of American households, is a clear violation of the non-aggression principle. Spanking is not self defense, spanking is the initiation of force against a biological prisoner who happens to be in your home, who never chose you as a parent, and who simply cannot escape. If you hit your wife, she can actually press charges, and she can leave and go to a shelter and get help. If you hit your child in the U.S., there’s not even any legal recourse, there’s nothing that that child can do, it is a clear violation of the nonagression principle, as is confinement, abandoning, and verbal threats, and of course sexual and physical abuse and so on, even as an escalation from a legal spanking…

What we can do is within our own lives say ‘Well, if the non-aggression principle is valid (and if it’s not then we should stop teaching it to our children – ‘don’t hit’, ‘don’t steal’, ‘don’t push’) if it is valid then let’s put it into practice in our own homes. Let’s reject the use of aggression in the raising of our own children’, and scientifically and statistically we will then produce a different kind of human being…Let’s just make that commitment as a species, to stop using aggression in the raising of children. I think what will result out of that is a paradise that’s beyond [our] wildest imagination of how great the world can be. It’s something that we can actually do in a principled manner to change the world irrevocably, because once you break that cycle of abuse, it never, ever really seems to start up again.”

— Stefan Molyneux,

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