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The Beauty of Tribes

December 22, 2013

You may think that once something has been discovered or invented, this is where the work ends, but it is actually where the real work begins.

Humans self-organize into tribes, self-selected peer groups that mostly have similar values and talk about the same stuff. This might sound limiting, but it actually creates opportunities for propagating ideas.

Everything cool is new to somebody. Just because you think it is the best idea in the world and everyone should know about it doesn’t mean everyone does. But you can be the one to introduce it to them.

You can take an idea that is old hat to one tribe, introduce it to another tribe, and take on the stature of a savior. And vice versa.

All you have to do is bring them something they can use, something that is new *to them*. Deliver it to a few of them, and it will get talked about and shared and spread to the whole tribe.

The future is not in the future. It’s already here. It just hasn’t been adopted yet.

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