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Fuller On Social Change

December 27, 2013

Excerpted from Somebodies and Nobodies, by Robert W. Fuller:

A social consensus is a well-defended edifice built of “bricks” and held together by “mortar”. The bricks are the laws and politics that form the building blocks and the mortar is the mindset, or psychology, that holds them all together. Both political and psychological changes are required to dismantle such an agreement.

Typically, psychological change precedes a political assault on the status quo. Not until a great many individuals conclude that something is wrong and that an alternative exists will they organize politically and try to bring down an existing edifice. Those willing to try something new need not always be outspoken champions, but they must at least have detached themselves from the old. Only when enough people arrive at this state can the existing consensus collapse and a new one arise in its place.

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