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How To Transform Society

January 11, 2014

Have you ever known anyone who seems to have lots of potential but just can’t seem to get their shit together? That is the collective state of humanity.

Humans are starving though there is plenty of food. Humans are fighting though it is completely unnecessary. Humans are competing over recognition although it is unlimited. Humans are starving for intimacy and connection even though there are over seven billion of us.

The face of the planet could transform overnight with a single conscious, unilateral decision to stop the waste.

Our industrial economy wastes, conservatively, 80% of its energy and material inputs. Our outmoded forms of media, education, entertainment, and politics waste, conservatively, 80% of our human capital.

If both of these forms of waste were reduced by half, that would amount to a 900% increase in human standards of living and quality of life.

This could happen overnight, with existing technology. Nothing would need to change except our beliefs.

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