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There’s No Write Way To Right

January 14, 2014

Or to speak. Language use is flexible.

There is no “proper” way to use language, there’s just what works to get your point across at any given time.

Language is a tool for communication, so it is either effective or ineffective, but not right or wrong.

Most linguistic conventions are recent inventions anyway, and logically superfluous (as the editors at Merriam-Webster will tell you).

Sure, you could pump up your ego by pointing out other people’s “mistakes”.

Or you could find ways to actually be of service.

  1. I like your point here. Conventions only go so far.
    However, i do agree that language can be understood in deeper sense than just as a tool for communication. Seeing language as a tool is perhaps right for certain types of language – our everyday ordinary language.
    But I think to describe poetry as any type of tool is inadequate. Some would disagree. It’s really a matter for me of marveling at language.

  2. **i do believe that , not agree.

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