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A Logical Interpretation Of Reincarnation

January 18, 2014

An individual consciousness can be thought of as an instance of a program being executed on a particular machine. This universal program, “consciousness”, is run many times, always with different parameters, but it is always the same program. So it makes logical sense to say that “you” (consciousness) are not just experiencing your own life, but are also experiencing the life of everyone who ever lived, as well as everyone who ever will live. Therefore, reincarnation does not happen as a sequential progression of lives proceeding from past to future, but is rather the totality of all instances of the program “consciousness” running everywhere in space and time. It’s not that “you” were another person in a past life, it’s that “you” are all other people in all other lives.

Wherever you look, there you are. There is only one of us here.

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