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What if THAT was the world you grew up in?

March 6, 2017

You’re born. It’s a trying but empowering experience, transitioning from an environment of comfort and security, through a terrifying but ultimately triumphant struggle, and into the world at large, which is also comfortable and safe, and provides for all of your needs. These include your needs to learn, grow, contribute, and challenge yourself. You therefore get to play, learn, explore, discover, invent, and create to your heart’s content. No expectations are placed upon you whatsoever.

No familial expectations.

No religious expectations.

No political, social, or economic expectations.

If and when you find something you want to pursue, excel at, become a specialist in, there are no barriers to prevent you from honing your craft as far as you’d like, whatsoever. No familial barriers, no religious barriers, no political, social, or economic barriers, no geographic barriers. This means that you can learn about anything you’d like, as much as you want, at any time you choose, with no restrictions whatsoever.

And, you can change course at any time you want: choose a different project or area of specialization, or just stop, relax, and enjoy the unfolding tapestry of life. At any time you want, for as long as you want.

Essentially, there are no rules or laws you have to follow other than the laws of physics, and you get to do anything that a person can do, with no pre-set roles, no pre-defined boundaries, and no limitations on what you can imagine or create.

You are always aware that no matter what, eventually your ego will dissolve and the perspective that you know as yours will blend in with All That Is.

And you understand that this is happening not just to you, but to countless other “you’s” all over space and time, as far as you can perceive.

Then I ask you,

What if THAT was the world you grew up in?

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