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What You Do In This Moment

Whatever you do in this moment, you are likely to do more of in the future.

If you move a little, play a little, dance a little, sing a little, write a little, in this moment, you are more likely to do more of that in the future.

If you treat people with a little more kindness, choose what you eat a little more consciously, choose your thoughts a little more deliberately, stretch yourself a little more, those patterns will be more likely to continue.

Love is Like Air

Love is like air

It is all around you

It inflates and gives buoyancy

It sustains you

You constantly fill yourself with it

But can never become full

You constantly exhude it

But can never become empty

You do not have to force it in

Merely open up the space within you

And it rushes in to fill the void

You do not have to force it out

Merely contract

And it leaves you

The Yawning Abyss

Life is like an invisible bridge
Spanning a yawning abyss

At times we close our eyes
And feel only the solidity of the bridge
Comforted by its firmness
Yet the abyss is always there

At times we gaze down
Into the infinite depth of the abyss
And feel overwhelmed by its vastness
Yet the bridge is always there

What Motivates Us?

Is differential access to the means of survival really necessary or efficient as a means of directing human economic activity?

Recognition is a powerful motivator, but it has the drawback that when it becomes the primary motivation behind an activity, the character of the activity changes greatly.

Contribution, curiosity, and growth are the most powerful and reliable human motivators. They bloom perennially without coercion, even in the face of resistance, like dandelions growing through sidewalk cracks.

When Will Things Go Back To Normal?


The jobs aren’t coming back.

The economy isn’t going to recover.

Education is never going to be the same.

Human consciousness is irrevocably altered with each passing year.

The “good ol’ days” are gone for good.

What we have instead are the “good new days”.

The Tyranny Of Objective Truth

The fixation with objective truth is a form of self-imposed tyranny. The concept
of objective truth is an oxymoron, since truth is based on perception (including
apprehension), which is subjective.

Beliefs can be assigned a truth-value, but they can also be distinguished
according to effects. Pessimists are more accurate, but at what cost?
Optimists are more effective (and happier).

If it’s true that “you can be right, or you can be happy”, which do you prefer?

Why Eliminate The Placebo Effect?

The placebo effect and spontaneous remission prove that the human body is
capable of healing almost any disease state without intervention. In normal
drug research, the placebo effect is controlled for and eliminated; it is seen
as a form of interference.

The most promising direction for research, however, is spontaneous healing
itself. It is up to us to learn as much as possible about the body’s intrinsic
healing capacity so that we can amplify and direct it. Drugs are only a means,
not an end; the ultimate aim should be to move beyond the need for
pharmaceutical intervention and awaken the body’s natural healing potential.

A Logical Interpretation Of Reincarnation

An individual consciousness can be thought of as an instance of a program being executed on a particular machine. This universal program, “consciousness”, is run many times, always with different parameters, but it is always the same program. So it makes logical sense to say that “you” (consciousness) are not just experiencing your own life, but are also experiencing the life of everyone who ever lived, as well as everyone who ever will live. Therefore, reincarnation does not happen as a sequential progression of lives proceeding from past to future, but is rather the totality of all instances of the program “consciousness” running everywhere in space and time. It’s not that “you” were another person in a past life, it’s that “you” are all other people in all other lives.

Wherever you look, there you are. There is only one of us here.

When Will Government Be Obsolete?

The concept of government is a relic of a pre-networked age. The institution of government is a self-perpetuating system. Technology supercedes ideology, and the ideology of government becomes more and more obsolete the more the means of communication and production become miniaturized and widespread. Just as an organization was necessary to create Windows and Brittanica, but no such organization is necessary to create Linux and Wikipedia, government’s mechanisms for fostering productivity, ethics, organization, and education are inexorably coming to be supplanted by more economical, efficient systems. For those of us who would like to help speed the process along, here is a list of 50 ongoing processes you can participate in that are contributing to the transition.

We Are Not Alone

We, as in biological life forms. We are one form of life, but there are other forms of life as well.

We don’t even have to look off of this planet. If we broaden our scope to consider life to be something that propagates and evolves, then other forms of life are easy to find.

For example, technology is a form of life. It exists within the substrate of biological life, much as biological life exists within the substrate of the physical universe.

What other kinds of things can you think of that make more of themselves and change over time? These are all different forms of life.

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